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Delhi Traffic

When I was in Delhi in 2013 I took several videos of the madness that is Delhi traffic.  Lots of tooting, bicycles, push carts, scooters, buses, cars etc.. noise and people galore.  The population of New Zealand 4 times over in one city all moving around the rounds to get to work, from work or just to do work.

Everyone toots, not out of rudeness but out of politeness.  Letting you in front know that I am here behind you and wanting to pass, don’t back into me, run into me or bump into me please.

Traffic lights do exist as do lanes of traffic, they just don’t necessarily matter or work.  When a population this huge can merge without accident like they do it makes you wonder at the need for such things, if you can use you brain and have a modicum of manners and value your own life then it can work.  It works in Delhi and Mumbai, I’ve seen it with my own eyes :o)

It is hilariously noisy.  I am surprised there are not more accidents, but we only saw 1 on our entire journey.  In fact only one in four trips of a month long each.

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