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This will feature anything to do with my tours to Rajasthan, India.

Village visit

Our Bishnoi village visit in the afternoon lead us to this lovely lady who was making us millet cakes.  She was just so happy and welcoming.  Even her daughter eventually came out of hiding and met with us.  They had just set up a solar unit to charge their mobile phones, yes everyone has mobile phones, even out in the villages.  Why not! Their mud house was small but very clean and not a spot of dirt or dust to be seen. A very humbling experience.

Markets in Rajasthan

Busy market places are everywhere in India.  Don’t be afraid or worried about visiting and walking through the Markets in Rajasthan. You will find the most amazing items for sale and yes be prepared to bargain, everyone bargains and they love it.  Do it with a kind heart and a smile on your face.  It’s a game that is played out all the time at the market, but do remember the exchange rate. It may be 1000 rupees and you could get it for 500 rupees by bargaining, but really $20.00 to $10.00 for something that is probably $60 at home?   You can get caught up in not getting” ripped off” but truly you can’t get ripped off if you were to pay the…

Delhi Traffic

When I was in Delhi in 2013 I took several videos of the madness that is Delhi traffic.  Lots of tooting, bicycles, push carts, scooters, buses, cars etc.. noise and people galore.  The population of New Zealand 4 times over in one city all moving around the rounds to get to work, from work or just to do work. Everyone toots, not out of rudeness but out of politeness.  Letting you in front know that I am here behind you and wanting to pass, don’t back into me, run into me or bump into me please. Traffic lights do exist as do lanes of traffic, they just don’t necessarily matter or work.  When a population this huge can merge without accident like they do it…

Udaipur the Romantic City

It’s no wonder Udaipur has the mantle of being Rajasthan’s romantic city.  It exudes beauty and it’s history tells stories of love, handsome Maharajas and the many concubines within the Palace walls. Many celebrities have stayed in Udaipur, with Liz Hurley getting married there in 2007 and rumoured that the Pitt & Jolie wedding being there also.  They all seem to stay at the Lake Palace Hotel. Lake Pichola is the central point of the City with the City Palace being highlighted atop the hill on it’s east bank.  The Palace is a must see whilst you’re there, allow plenty of time and take your camera.  Outside the Palace is a small restaurant where you can sit under the shade of umbrellas to escape the…

The tour is going

At last we have enough to go on tour.  I have seven lovely ladies raring to go to India.  I am however, still looking for 1 female to share a room with another who wants to share rather than pay the single supplement. (I found her) All of us are going to both Rajasthan and then up to Kashmir.  We departed NZ on 22 March after spending an overnight in Auckland on the 21st. If you are anyone you know would love to tick this one off their bucket list then let them know asap before it is too late.  I’d love to have them join us for the fun that is India and the beauty that is Rajasthan and the shopping that is Kashmir….

The Second Best exotic Marigold Hotel is COMING

I am so excited, the next Marigold Hotel movie is coming in the UK Spring, so March 2015, the 6th I believe.  Watch the trailer and tell me you want to come and stay there with us next March, on our escorted Rajasthan Tour.  We depart on the 22nd, so a nice send off for us. If you watched the first movie and thought it was funny, poignant, beautiful and made you want to travel to India, then this one looks set to impress also. We are booked to stay in the Hotel for 2 nights and have a free day there to wander the streets of Khempur, eat out and look through the market, just as Judi Dench and fellow actors did.  What a…

Tour of Rajasthan anyone?

My next trip tour of Rajasthan, India is March 2015 and I am taking deposits now for this tour.  I have room for 14 travellers so you’ll need to be quick.  Contact me if you are interested and want to see an itinerary with costs and I will send them to you. We are visiting Udaipur, Bijaipur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Agra and for those that want to up to Kashmir after this.  I am buying more shawls so come shopping with me, you’ll be delighted with the many spectacular bargains you will see and be able to bring home with you.  Luxurious rugs, fabrics, bric a brac, cutlery, brass ware, leather, jewellery, shawls, clothes, papier  mache etc… and Kashmir has the best India has to…