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Markets in Rajasthan

Busy market places are everywhere in India.  Don’t be afraid or worried about visiting and walking through the Markets in Rajasthan.

You will find the most amazing items for sale and yes be prepared to bargain, everyone bargains and they love it.  Do it with a kind heart and a smile on your face.  It’s a game that is played out all the time at the market, but do remember the exchange rate. It may be 1000 rupees and you could get it for 500 rupees by bargaining, but really $20.00 to $10.00 for something that is probably $60 at home?   You can get caught up in not getting” ripped off” but truly you can’t get ripped off if you were to pay the true value.

Things are very cheap, so enjoy the process.

Don’t forget also, to take the time to say hello and talk with the locals.  They would love to talk with you, inasmuch as you can due to the language barrier.  Talk with the vege seller about her produce, the fabric merchant about where he exports his goods to, the spice vendor about where he gets his spices or how they get their goods to market and what time they got there to set up?  you’ll be amazed at what they have to do to sell their goods for as little as they do.

I find the markets very exciting with all the colours, smells, animals, people and goodies.  Don’t be afraid, just jump in and visit one.