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What can I wear with black?

Ever had a favourite item of clothing, like a coat, dress, jeans, trousers, skirt, and wondered what to wear with it? What colour would suit?  Maybe you are not used to wearing colour or you don’t know what colours you look best in?

Why not ask your best friend to help you.  Surely she will tell you what makes you look stunning, bright, alive, alluring, sexy and what makes you look dull and lifeless.  Try some different colours on and see which one she thinks is right for you and then see how YOU feel about that choice.  It could just be a matter of breaking out of a habit and trying something new.

Why not have a look at a seasonal colour analysis to see where you lie in the colour spectrums.  This may help you to think differently about you and “colour”.

Colours can be fun to play around with.  They change my mood dramatically, like when I wear RED I feel more daring and alive, whereas BLACK always makes me feel serious and smart.  Multi colours can be more FUN and even LOUD.  You may find that some make you smile or laugh, whilst others make you sad or angry (stay away from those ones) just try them out and notice how you feel wearing them and what types of comments you get, especially if you are not used to wearing that particular colour.

What can I wear with Black?  I’ve put together some ideas for you.  See how you feel when you see them.  Let me know!


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