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Where I can comment on anything and nothing in particular.

What can I wear with black?

Ever had a favourite item of clothing, like a coat, dress, jeans, trousers, skirt, and wondered what to wear with it? What colour would suit?  Maybe you are not used to wearing colour or you don’t know what colours you look best in? Why not ask your best friend to help you.  Surely she will tell you what makes you look stunning, bright, alive, alluring, sexy and what makes you look dull and lifeless.  Try some different colours on and see which one she thinks is right for you and then see how YOU feel about that choice.  It could just be a matter of breaking out of a habit and trying something new. Why not have a look at a seasonal colour analysis to…

Hit the wall

I don’t know if you have ever set up your own website?  This is my third or fourth and each time I get to a stage of nearly there I hit a wall and stop. This time it’s paypal and how does that integrate into my site? I also have to measure each shawl and then go through my inventory to see how many of each I have and what have I sold since I took the photos. Then it’s the descriptions.  What can I say that is different, enticing, interesting and descriptive enough about each different design, fabric and style. Oh and colours / shades. So here I am nearly there and I’ve hit the wall.  Motivation come to me please. Now !