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This is where I can comment on our product or anything that pertains to our product.

Another shipment just arrived

My newest shipment is here and has a good amount of leather bags and the old school satchels. Good sturdy goat hide with loads of pockets and straps.  Lots of room for a laptop and uni stuff. This time I got some smaller leather bags too and some more natural 100% wool pashminas in shawl size and scarf size.  They are so soft and warm you will just love them against your skin.  Nice natural colours like fawn, grey, cream, brown and light brown.

New stock arriving this week

Having just returned from yet another trip to India, this time including beautiful Srinagar in Kashmir, I have some stunning new shawls and pashminas arriving this week. I have also got some leather excellent satchel styled handbags coming in, in small and large.  I’ll put pics up once I have them here. A great trip once again, with a good group and our fantastic tour company – Total Holiday Options.

Nelson Saturday Market

Every Saturday can be very different, from weather to people.  Nelson is most often sunny, but of course, like everywhere else we do get wind and rain.  I tend not to be present in the rain, as I don’t like to expose my beautiful shawls to the rain.  Wind is not that pleasant either, blowing my little beauties all over the place.  But sunny and cold is perfect, so winter is great for me to be present. We do get a lot of tourists visiting Nelson at all times of the year, and they come to the Saturday Market to see what treasures they can take away with them.  It’s worth a visit, so next time you are in town, drop in and say hi. You’ll…