• Colourful large shawl
    • Large enough to wrap but not too heavy
    • Paisley turquoise and pink
    • soft wool and silk fabric
    • Hand embroidered
    • Look at these colours
    • Gold edging

    Large multi coloured shawl

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    The biggest and most colourful shawl I have.  Turquoise, pink, green, red and gold.

    This shawl is absolutely amazing.  The colours are bright and solid, they are edged with hand stitching  in gold.

    If you want to be warm but not smothered, and don’t mind being noticed, then this is just the ticket.

    Size is 200 cm long x 100 cm wide.  Would make a fantastic wall hanging or light throw over your bed.

    Dry clean only if you have to, colours may run so I’d be very very careful this is too precious to ruin.